In the summer of 1998 Fredrik Emilson and Mikael Ericsson realized the audio land-art project "Laholms Ljudpark".

The idea was to use a large outdoor area with an interesting environment as a space for experiencing music and sounds. To make every moment a unique experience the composition constantly developed and recomposed itself by means of a specially made computer application.
For three months, day and night, people could visit, experience and enjoy the composition.

"Laholms Ljudpark" was created using a enormous surroundsystem comprised of eight loudspeakers, in the shape of large megaphones, set at 100 to 400 meter intervals from each other along the river bed at a dam outside Laholm in Sweden. More than 2,500 meters of cable were used for connecting the loudspeakers to the control center.

The location of the soundpark was very appropriate. The water was a superb carrier of sound, the landscape contributed to acoustic phenomena and the weather influenced the environment randomly. In addition the megaphones were a striking visual contribution to the setting.

Two large billboards were placed near the motorway, E6, as advertising signs/highway-art for "Laholms Ljudpark". Considering the millions of motorists that traverse that stretch of road during that time of year, the possibilities for reaching and attracting a large audience were very good.

"Laholms Ljudpark" was open from the 14th of June to the 13th of September 1998.

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