The composition program

The composition program "the LLP Jukebox" was written in MAX/MSP and consisted of 8 engines (one for every soundsource) and a couple of comprehensive functions.

Every engine could be regarded as an instrument, or a voice, and each engine managed a selection of microcompositions. This selection produced the timbre and the immanent rhythms of the instrument. The engines processed the microcompositions according to an artificial computerized pattern, "the human interface", that was based on the artists' taste and random combinations their choices. The engines affected pitches, repetitions, volumes, lengths, effects, startpoints, endpoints, silences, and directions etc.

A couple of comprehensive functions controlled the engines and gave them different selections of microcompositions along with different roles in the ensemble for example, autonomous, dictatorship, revolution, call and response, tittle-tattle, improvisation, and follow my leader, etc. These functions also controlled precomposed eight voice polyphonic pieces.

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